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10 Days, 2035 Miles, With Thousands And Thousands of Twisties: Trail of Tears & Harrison, AR Motorcycle Ride

Our route

Trail of Tears & Harrison, AR Motorcycle Ride

Every September we try to meet our friends from Alabama and Georgia who ride the “Trail of Tears”  motorcycle ride. We meet them either in Hot Springs Arkansas or at the trail end in Oklahoma somewhere. I say somewhere in Oklahoma because the “Trail of Tears” ride ends in different places each year. This year we met them at trail end in Wewoka, OK the home of the Seminole Nation Museum and where the closing ceremonies for the “Trail of Tears” ride took place. From there we road to Harrison, AR and took three days riding the many twisty, scenic motorcycle roads around Harrison. On our return trip home we took advantage of visiting relatives along the way and eating Aunt Imogene’s coconut cream pie… Aunt Imogene probably thinks that is my only reason for visiting…

It was a great ride with great friends, supporting a great cause, great scenery, great twisty roads and for the most part good weather.

Come follow along on our journey by clicking the links below…

Day 1 – Georgetown, TX to Bowie, TX via scenic FM 4. (250 miles)
Day 2 – Bowie, TX to Wewoka, OK to Holden, OK (193 miles)
Day 3 – Holden, OK to Harrison, AR  (263 miles)
Day 4 – Ride 1 out of Harrison, AR 
Day 5 – Ride 2 out of Harrison, AR  (120 miles)
Day 6 – Ride 3 out of Harrison, AR  (207 miles)
Day 7 – Harrison, AR to Jessieville, AR (149 miles)
Day 8, 9 & 10 – Jessieville, AR to Scroggins, TX to home.

Update – Good Gear Makes For a Good Motorcycle Ride

Olympia-Airglide-3-Mesh Jacket-Neon-Yellow-Men

On September 14th I posted about a pair of Olympia’s Airglide 3 Jackets we bought to replace several leather jackets we owned and why we chose the Olympia jackets over the many offerings from other jacket manufactures. Since we hadn’t had a chance to put any miles on them I promised to give y’all an update when we returned from our Harrison, Arkansas trip. So here goes…

We rode 2035 miles through rain, wind, temperatures as low as 45 degrees and as hot as 95 degrees. Someone commented that in heavier rain the mesh in the outer shell of the Olympia jackets tends to get pretty soggy. So in heavy rain we opted to wear our rain suits.

Janet and I both were very pleased how well the jackets preformed on our ride. The jackets did everything Olympia advertised them to do. In cooler weather we stayed warm. When the temperature climbed into the 70’s we removed the liners and stayed cool. When we returned to Texas the temperatures reached into the 90’s. The low 90’s were bearable wearing the jackets. When we were moving we had good air flow but when it reached the mid 90’s we removed the jackets after riding through larger towns with many traffic lights. When sitting at the lights with our jackets on it did get hot. When it gets that hot, riding nude won’t give you relief from the heat. Besides sunburn would be more uncomfortable.

We also like all the pockets the jackets have. We are still discovering all the pockets and other features of the jackets. We may have to update this post again…

Larry Talley a friend riding with us gave us a good tip that worked well. Instead of attaching the liner to the jacket, it is easier to put on the liners and then put on the jacket. It is much easier and quicker putting on the gear that way.

All in all it was a good ride… Great scenery, great friends, great weather and great gear made for a great ride.

Ride safe and we hope to see you on the road somewhere…

Day 7 Big Bend National Park Motorcycle Ride April 2007

195 Miles – San Angelo, Llano, Georgetown

Big Bend, motorcycle, ride

Heading home…

Big Bend, motorcycle, ride

Day 7 Route Map

This is the last day of our Big Bend National Park  motorcycle ride. Thanks for following along on our ride. We hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed riding it.

We had another good free breakfast here at San Angelo Inn. This morning was in the 60’s. Nice riding. We gassed up and headed for Georgetown. It was mainly a nice ride. We did see a lot of Blue Bonnets and other wild flowers along Hwy 71 between Brady and Llano. We stopped in Llano and ate at Cooper’s Pit Bar-B-Q. Janet and I have never ate there but heard it was some of the best. We gassed up and headed home. Outside Llano we stopped to see the Bald Eagle nest but we didn’t see the eagles themselves. This is the first time Janet and I haven’t seen them there. We got to Georgetown some time after 2:00. Larry, Jo, Larry and Shirley were to spend the night and head back Saturday morning to Alabama and Georgia but because Shirley had to get back because of a family matter they loaded up and left around 4:00. All in all we had a good time in spite of some cold and wind. I’m looking forward to doing it again (soon I hope). The pictures don’t do any of what we saw justice. You just have to be there to really appreciate it all. I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did. I need to start planning another trip… Maybe we’ll ride the perimeter of the U.S. next. Does anyone know how far that is?? Links to the other days of our ride… Day 1 – 259 miles – Georgetown, Fredericksburg, Ozona Day 2 – 257 miles – Ozona, Ft. Stockton, Alpine, Terlingua Day 3 – 187 Miles – Terlingua, Santa Elena Canyon, Chisos Basin, Boquillas Canyon, Terlingua (all in Big Bend) Day 4 – 182 miles – Terlingua, Presidio, Marfa, Alpine Day 5 – 188 miles – Alpine, Ft Davis, loop 166, Ft Stockton Day 6 – 165 miles – Ft Stockton, Big Lake, San Angelo If you liked this post you may also like “Big Bend/Carlsbad Motorcycle Trip September ’09”  or “Our First Big Bend Motorcycle Ride“.

Good Gear Makes For a Good Motorcycle Ride

Olympia Men’s Airglide-3 Jacket Neon Yellow

Olympia Women’s Airglide 3 Mesh Jacket Neon Yellow

Good Gear Makes For a Good Motorcycle Ride – If you are like Janet and me, we have filled a closet with leather riding gear (i.e. Jackets and Chaps). It is good gear and has served us well… but there is one problem with all that leather. It’s big bulky and takes up a lot of room on the bike. If you are wearing it there is no problem but we live in Texas which can be very hot but when we ride north or to higher elevations the temperatures can be much cooler or even very cold and we need that gear. So we need to be prepared for the cooler weather and carry all that bulky leather gear with us which limits what else we are able to carry on the bike.

Since my accident I am always thinking about safety and protection and wearing armor just makes sense.

We have been looking for a good solution to the above issues and have found a jacket that will meet all the above needs. We haven’t had a chance to put it to the ultimate test yet but will when we ride from  hot temperatures in Texas to cooler temperatures in northern Arkansas in a few days.

We did a lot of research. We found several jackets with similar functionality and cheaper prices. The jacket we have chosen is the “Olympia Airglide 3”. We kept coming back to this jacket. It fit us well and everything seemed to function well together.

Enhanced function and versatility are the key elements offered in Olympia’s Airglide 3 Jacket. Heat, wind, rain and cold are no match for this cutting edge style. Constructed in authentic Cordura fabric with ballistic nylon mesh panels, this jacket offers maximum airflow with superior abrasion resistance. For added safety, Airglide offers double rows of 3M Scotchlite piping at the chest, back and sleeves. Equipped with a sporty two stage, wind and waterproof, Thermolite insulated liner jacket, this style delivers the ultimate in multi-season riding comfort.


  • Outer shell constructed in 500 denier Cordura fabric with ballistic airflow mesh panels
  • Removable CE approved Motion Flex armor at elbows and shoulders
  • Removable CE approved Motion Flex articulated back protector
  • Cool mesh airflow lining
  • Custom Fit detailing at collar, cuffs, elbows and waist
  • Comfort neoprene framed collar
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective piping at front, sides and back
  • 8” connecting zipper for pants
  • Five storage pockets
  • Two stage waterproof liner jacket: Sturdy wind and waterproof-breathable rip stop nylon shell with removable Thermolite insulation, rib collar, two waterproof zipper pockets and interior cell phone pocket

The advantages for us are we can wear the outer jacket during heat, add one or both inter liners as they are needed. The two liners are easily fold and store well without taking up much space.

We will update this post when we return, so check back see how we and the jackets did.

Ride safe…

Here is the update on how the jackets did.



There is a blogger (observations of a perpetual motorcyclist) and fellow biker from “Down Under” who writes some great post about his riding experiences. I enjoy following David’s blog. This is another good insightful and humorous post about riding in wind. Have a look and enjoy…