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Day 1 – Trail Of Tears Motorcycle Ride: Georgetown, TX to Bowie, TX via scenic FM 4. (250 miles)

Route Map

Hospital at Fort Richardson

Today we are headed out to meet friends riding in the Trail Of Tears Motorcycle Ride. Our route will take us from Georgetown to Lampasas via Hwy 183, Lampasas to Santo via Hwy 281, Santo to Jacksboro via FM 4 and the on to Bowie down Hwy 59.

We were on the road by 8:00 am with a light rain falling with temperature around 69 degrees but it felt much cooler with the rain. The rain got heavier once started and rained fairly heavy until we got to Lampasas. We had pretty much ridden out of the rain by then. Because we were expecting the heavy rain we opted to wear or rain suits today.

We stopped at the Sunday Creek Restaurant at the intersection of I-20 and Hwy 4 near Santo, TX. We took this opportunity to shuck the rain suits. For lunch we ordered their lunch special of Enchiladas, rice and beans. Janet liked the sour cream sauce and we split a piece of coconut cream pie. Good stuff.

We finally got the chance to wear our new Olympia Airglide 3 jackets and continued on down FM 4. We did not ride the entire length of FM 4. I had read about FM 4 in several publications and internet post and always wanted to ride it for myself. It turned out to be a great ride. The section we rode was from Santo to Jacksboro. It was scenic, rugged and actually hilly with great views from the hill tops. If you are in the area this is a must ride… Don’t miss it.

Mess Hall at Fort Richardson

Kitchen at Fort Richardson

Our next stop was Fort Richardson in Jacksboro, TX. Janet and I both enjoy touring the many old forts of Texas and this is another good one. It was our first time to visit here. In the interpretive center we met Ranger Glenn Barnett. Who was a pleasure to chat with. Glenn was very knowledgeable of the fort and Texas History. If you get a chance to visit Fort Richardson be sure to say hi to Glenn and tell him you heard about him here. I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it…

Hospital at Fort Richardson

Fort Richardson

From Fort Richardson it was on to Bowie, TX where we stayed the night at the Best Western. The clerk at the front desk recommended the Armadillo Grill for dinner. They had a wide varity of food but we settled for soup and salad… Again good stuff…

Inspite of the rain initially it was a good days ride. Great scenery all along the way.

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Texas Hill Country Wildflower Motorcycle Ride April 12 – 13, 2012 (478 Miles)

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Blue Bonnets at Buchanan Lake

Each year we try to do a Texas Hill Country wildflower motorcycle ride while everything is in bloom. Janet and I are lucky that we live at the edge of the Texas Hill Country. Besides Big Bend the Hill Country is the best place to ride in Texas. For the past year and a half we haven’t been able to do much riding due to other pressing things going on in our lives. We are constantly trying to get caught up on things… but sometimes you just have to make time to have some fun. So we took a couple of days to ride the Hill Country and see this year’s crop of wildflowers. We were afraid we had missed the peak of the wildflower season due to it turning warm sooner this year, but actually I think we picked the best time. I wasn’t sure about how the weather was going to be because they had forecasted 20% rain and breezy conditions. As it turned out it was a pretty good ride even though we did get some rain and it did get pretty breezy the last 40 or so miles of the ride.

There are so many good roads to ride in the Texas Hill Country. Every time we go riding in the Hill Country I try to take different routes to change things up a bit. It is amazing the different things you see when riding a road in the opposite direction. It’s as if you are riding a different road at times and I find myself wondering how I managed to miss some of the sites before.

You never know from year to year what the wildflower crop will be and because of the drought I was afraid the flowers would be few and far between. We were pleasantly surprised to find the flower crop was pretty good this year. As far as I am concerned, the only way to truly appreciate the wildflowers is on a bike, motored or otherwise. Seeing them from an air-conditioned car isn’t much better than seeing them on TV. When riding a motorcycle you not only see but smell and feel your surroundings. The smells are incredible as you ride along not just the flowers but nature in general. It has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Below are links to each day’s ride. Come follow along and enjoy the ride and scenery of our beautiful Texas Hill Country.

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