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Disneyland A Destination

Disneyland A Destination… I know it’s been said, many times… “It’s the journey not the destination!” by everyone who rides a motorcycle… but sometimes the destination is as much fun as the journey. Disneyland the destination is a lot of fun… especially with the grandkids…

We just got back from visiting our daughter and her family in San Diego. No we weren’t able to go on the Wing. We  needed to take the truck (literally) to haul everything we were taking.

While in San Diego we returned to Disneyland for our second time. Last year was the first. Our son-in-law Jeff is a Disneyland and an amusement park fanatic and is always up for Disneyland. Last year we went to the original park of Disneyland. This year we went to the newer “California Adventure” park. The newest attraction Cars Land had just opened and everyone in the park was eager to see and ride all the rides in “Cars Land”.


Cars Land Entrance

It was a long fun day. This group of Mousekeeters included Grandma (Janet) and Papa (me), Kristy (daughter), Jeff (son-in-law), Tabitha (5-year-old granddaughter), Charlotte (3-year-old granddaughter) and Henry (6 month old grandson). We stayed practically the day in the park. My only complaint was sore feet… Lots of walking.

Disney Cars Land

The Mousekeeters without the ears…

This Is The Key To Enjoying Disneyland.

If you haven’t been to Disneyland before you may not know about FASTPASS. Disney FASTPASS Service is a complimentary benefit to all park guests that allows you to enjoy the rest of the Disneyland while your place in line is saved. Here is how it works:

  1. Look for the FASTPASS distribution area near the entrance of an attraction.
  2. Check the FASTPASS “Return Time” display to learn when you can return to experience the attraction.
  3. Insert your Disneyland admission ticket, readmission ticket or Annual Passport into the FASTPASS machine.
  4. A FASTPASS ticket will be printed with your Return Time.
  5. Enjoy the rest of the Disneyland.
  6. Go to the “FASTPASS Return” queue at your Return Time, show your FASTPASS ticket to the Cast Member and enjoy the attraction!

Another nice service is “Baby Swap“. Baby swap allows parents to go through a line with a child. While one parent rides the ride the other parent keeps the baby or child. When the parent who rode the ride returns they take the baby and the next parent rides. We did this several times when one or more of the grandchildren could not ride a ride. Very nice…

First Things First.

We were there when the gates opened. Jeff rushed to get in line for “FASTPASS ” for the “Radiator Springs Racers ride. We couldn’t believe how long the “FASTPASS ” line was for that ride. The line did move rather quickly though. The earliest, Jeff was able to get the “FASTPASS ” for was 7:00 PM. Judging from what we saw, all the “FASTPASSES” for “Radiator Springs Racers”  were probably all gone within an hour or less. Everyone in the park wanted to ride this newest and best of the rides.

The Rides

These are the rides we rode:

Ÿ  California Screamin’

Ÿ  Golden Zephyr

Ÿ  Jumpin’ Jellyfish

Ÿ  The Little Mermaid

Ÿ  Matters Junkyard Jamboree

Disney Cars Land

Matter’s Junkyard Jamboree

Ÿ  Mickey’s Fun Wheel


Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Ÿ  Monsters, Inc.

Ÿ  Muppet Vision 3D

Ÿ  Toy Story Mania


Toy Story Mania

Ÿ  Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies

Ÿ  The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Ÿ  Radiator Springs Racers  This ride is my all time favorite… anywhere anytime. I can’t do justice in describing this ride. The attention to detail in keeping with the theme of the movies is perfect. Besides I don’t want to ruin the ride before you do get to ride it. It will be a pleasant surprise.

Disney Cars Land

Radiator Springs Racers

“Cars Land”, in general, is the best attraction ever. It feels as though you have stepped into the “Twilight Zone” and are in the movie. The attention to detail is amazingly perfect. We ate dinner at “Flo’s Cafe”. The food was great and the inside of the diner was a tribute to Doc Hudson. Disney has out done themselves in the design and detail of “Cars Land”. “Cars Land” is a must see if you go to Disneyland…

Disney Cars Land

Flo’s Cafe… Great food.


The park was busy today for a Thursday because the new “Cars Land” was open and a big draw. If you are planning a trip to Disneyland to see “Cars Land” you may want to wait until the crowds have subsided a bit… but it wasn’t that much of an issue for us… because we had Jeff as our guide. Jeff knows all the ins, outs and tricks of getting around Disneyland efficiently. So if you have a Jeff in your family you have it all covered.

Disney Cars Land

Jeff our park guide.

It was a fun day in the cool California weather… a nice break from the Texas hot weather. No matter what time of the year you visit Disneyland you are most likely to have good weather. So come on to Disneyland…

See you later Mousekeeters… Have fun in Disneyland…