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Mel’s Hard Luck Diner Branson Missouri

Mel's Hard Luck Diner Branson Missouri A visit to Branson is not complete without at least one meal from Mel’s Hard Luck Diner, a 50’s style restaurant, home of Branson’s original singing servers. The diner’s servers, hosts, cooks, and cashiers are also professional singers, song writers, and musicians. You are always greeted with a smile, served great food and entertained by great singers. A show for the price of a meal… This is our third trip to Branson in two years and of course we ate at Mel’s again. My brother Gary and his wife Ginny were our travel companions on this trip. Gary and Ginny have been to Branson many times but they have never been to Mel’s until now! They will be back! Singer Kelly Bryant Mel's Hard Luck Diner Branson Missouri We discovered Mel’s on our first trip to Branson two years ago. We eat there every chance we get. On this visit when we being seated, I ask if Kelly Bryant was working and if so I wanted to be seated at one of her tables. We met Kelly two years ago and she is my favorite singer at Mel’s. On our first visit, Kelly sang the gospel song “I Call It Home”. I had never heard the song before and immediately loved it. After buying one of Kelly’s CD’s with that song, it has since become my favorite gospel song. Singer Kelly Bryant Mel's Hard Luck Diner Branson Missouri Kelly was working and it was a pleasure visiting with her again. On our first visit Kelly (a displaced Texan) ask where we would go on vacation in Texas if we had the choice between Galveston and South Padre. We told her South Padre hands down. So I had to ask Kelly were they ended up going. They chose South Padre and Kelly excitedly told us how much She and her family enjoyed it. I know we weren’t the only ones who gave her that advice but it was nice to know she and her family really enjoyed South Padre. South Padre is Janet’s and my favorite Texas beach. I requested Kelly sing “I call It Home” again. When she sang, she said it was her favorite song too. Kelly did a great job as usual and we enjoyed it very much. Singer Kelly Bryant CD "A little Bit of Heaven" If you are ever in Branson you have to eat at Mel’s and if Kelly is working tell her hello for us. I’m no talent expert but I know what I like and I like all the singers at Mel’s.  Each singer has CD’s available for purchase. So help them out, they always appreciate your support. Mel’s… great atmosphere, great food and great entertainment… we will definitely be going back on our next visit. I hope we see you on the road somewhere… Ride safe…

My Best Friend and Motorcycle Riding Buddy

Larry is my best friend and riding buddy. My best friend after my wife that is…

I don’t know of many friendships that have lasted as long as Larry’s and mine. Many, many years and miles and miles apart.

Larry and I met when we were stationed at Brooks AFB in San Antonio, Texas in 1969. Yes, we are older than dirt. He and I both worked at the base dispensary. Larry worked in the flight surgeon’s office just down the hall and I worked as an x-ray technician. We soon became good friends when he became my roommate after his divorce from his first wife. We were two kindred spirits. While in the Air Force we spent our time spelunking (exploring caves), exploring the Texas Hill Country, camping, cliff diving, swimming daily, chasing girls (didn’t catch any thank goodness) and meeting some of the greatest people on and off base. It was a fun time with a lot of good memories.

My wife Janet thinks we could be brothers because we are so much alike. We like the same things, even think alike about most nearly everything and we have the same weird sense of humor.

Larry’s tour of duty was up in November of 1971 and mine was up in August 1972. Larry returned to his home in Georgia and I moved to Dallas, Texas to resume my job with Geophysical Service, Inc.  Larry remarried and I married the love of my life in 1978. We kept in contact over the years but because we each had families and we lived so far apart it was difficult to get together.


Our first motorcycle ride in July 1978.

Our first motorcycle trip together was in July 1978. I rode a KZ400 and Larry rode a KZ900. I rode from Houston, Texas and met him and our other friend Larry T. midway. From there we rode back to Larry’s home in Bryant Alabama. The Larry’s have been friends since their childhood. It is fun introducing them…  “Hello, this is my friend Larry and this is my other friend Larry…” I know it is confusing having two friends named Larry.

Soon after that first ride in 1978 we both stopped riding to start our families. In 2000 we both renewed our love of riding. We were both empty nesters, so we had more time and money to do the things we have longed to do for so long. We both bought 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomads. Our first trip together after laying off so long was the first leg of the “Trail of Tears Remembrance Motorcycle Ride” in 2001.  The following year we rode to the Big Bend area of Texas. Over the years we have done many rides together.  You can read about many of those rides here. I haven’t added all of those rides to this blog yet. It is a work in progress so keep checking back for new post.

Many years later 2010 Larry T, Larry C & me

To date (2012), we have been friends for 43 years. Considering we live so far apart and have families it is amazing that we have been able to continue our friendship over the years. Our wives are good friends as well which has helped to keep the friendship going strong. I am very thankful for our friendship and look forward to more of our adventures riding motorcycles or otherwise…