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If You See Us On The Road

"Have Goldwing Will Travel" "TheTexasRambler.com"

“Have Goldwing Will Travel”

If you see us on the road traveling, please say “Howdy”. It is amazing the number of people who read this blog. As we travel around, I continually wonder if any of the people we meet on the road have ever seen this blog. So far no one has indicated they have… If for no other reason there is no way for you to know who we are… Until now… You will know it is us if you see this (See picture above) on the trunk of my Goldwing…

Have Goldwing Will Travel


So until we meet, ride safe and I hope we meet somewhere down the road.

Problem Solved… I Hope…


Texas Rambler Business Card (front)

Problem Solved… I Hope… I am always meeting people and the conversation inevitably leads to riding motorcycles and traveling on motorcycle. I always talk about this blog and encourage them to have a look. Sometimes I see these people again and they have made an effort to look at the blog but had forgotten the address. So here is my solution… The Texas Rambler business card. Now if they can just hang onto the card until they are sitting in front of their computer 😉 …

Texas Rambler Business Card (back)

Texas Rambler Business Card (back)

The Texas Rambler Blog Annual Stat. Report

Well, I’ve been blogging here since March 2012 and I just received the annual stats report for year 2012 from WordPress. Its been fun sharing my motorcycle adventures here with all of you. The best part has been meeting great people from all over the world who share my passion for riding as much as I do.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read and share your rides and information with me.

Click here to view the report.

Ride safe and I hope we meet somewhere down the road.

Cancer patient riding his Harley as far as bike, body will take him


This is a touching video about a cancer patient riding his Harley as far as his bike and body will take him.

This is a call to all bikers and bloggers. Its is a great story and cause. Please click the link  and watch the video. Email and re-post to get the word out.

This is the link to Jordan’s blog so you can follow along on his journey.

Thanks for spreading the word.


The other day I saw something about an old TV western. The TV show was “HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL”… Seeing Paladin’s business card gave me an idea for a card for my blog. I thought of using this…



After some thought I decided on “HAVE GOLDWING WILL TRAVEL” instead. I haven’t printed any cards yet but I found a shirt on www.whatonearth.com I liked. “What on Earth” lets you customize the shirt with two lines of text. So here is the result. pic 096 This was a Christmas present to myself… and a way to spread the word about this blog. I hope y’all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. Ride safe…