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Our First Big Bend Motorcycle Ride – Day 4

Big Bend Ride Map Day - 4

Big Bend Ride Map Day – 4

Below is what I used to navigate each day. This was to have been the last day of the ride but due to change of plans we did not ride the route shown below in the itinerary . We extended the ride an extra day.

Day 4 Sanderson to Georgetown   Hwy           Miles
Sanderson to Dryden                                      90                21
Dryden to Langtry                                            90                40 Play Tourist
Langtry to Comstock                                       90                30
Comstock to Del Rio                                        90                26 GAS (117 miles)
Del Rio to Junction                                           277/377   123 GAS (123 miles)
                                                                                                                  Note: 277/377 splits                                                                                                                           after 22 miles. Stay on                                                                                                                         377.
Junction to Mason                                               377             45 
Mason to Llano                                                      29               34
Llano to Burnet                                                      29               30 GAS (109 miles)
Burnet to Georgetown                                         29               35
Total                                                                                             384

Langtry Texas

Judge Roy Bean’s Saloon

The next morning we headed for Langtry to see Judge Roy Bean’s Saloon and Opera House. It was an interesting stop. The community is notable as the place where “Judge” Roy Bean, the “Law West of the Pecos”, had his saloon and practiced a kind of law.  Tourism to the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center continues to keep the town alive. At the Visitor’s Center are many displays, including Judge Roy Bean’s pistol/gavel, the preserved saloon and other relics. Also of note is a cactus garden with many examples of desert plants.

Langtry Texas,

Judge Roy Bean’s Saloon (Gary, Ivan, Larry, Larry)

Or next stop was the Pecos River. Like the Rio Grande, the Pecos River water level was really low due to the drought, but still impressively scenic.

Pecos River Rest Stop at Hwy 90

Pecos River Rest Stop at Hwy 90

Alamo Village at Brackettville Texas

Alamo Village at Brackettville Texas

From the Pecos River, the plan was to head on home but we decided to make a side trip to Brackettville to see the Alamo Village. Alamo Village was where John Wayne’s movie THE ALAMO as well as other movies. It was interesting touring the many buildings and taking pictures. We saw a show… skit… I wouldn’t suggest going to the show in the Cantina. It was BORING!!! We thought it would never end.

Alamo at Alamo Village

Alamo at Alamo Village

From the Alamo Village, we took Highway 674, another scenic road. The only downside was, we hit construction again. Another gravel road! Luckily this was a short one and it wasn’t too bad. Highway 674 eventually ran into Highway 377. This put us back on our planned route but put us behind our scheduled time. I would have liked to have stopped at several places along the way but because of the extra time at the Alamo Village it was getting late. After a near head on collision with a buzzard and a near miss with a flock of peacocks Janet was ready to call it a day. Janet suggested we stop in Mason for the night. After some debating we all agreed. To continue would have us riding about 80 miles in the dark. Not a good thing, as this area has many deer and they are active starting at dusk.

We were home by 9:30 the next morning. In spite of our numb-butts, we saw some beautiful West and Central Texas country and everyone had a great time.

Gary and Ginny heading back home to West Columbia

Gary and Ginny heading back home to West Columbia

We learned a lot about what and what not to do on future trips. On future trips…

  • We will take more time and limit daily distances so we can spend more time playing tourist.
  • We won’t deviate from the planned route unless necessary.
  • We will take more breaks when it is hot.

All in all, it was a fun trip and everyone was looking forward to our next big adventure. If you are new here you will find many of the rides we have done over the last 11 years. We have done a lot of great rides. If you are looking for places to ride you might find a good one here.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share our world with you. I hope we see you down the road somewhere. Ride safe y’all…

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