Viking Cycle Enforcer Three Quarter Touring Motorcycle Jacket

A review of the Viking Cycle Enforcer Three Quarter Touring Motorcycle Jacket from Motorcycle House.

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Viking Cycle Enforcer Three Quarter Touring Motorcycle Jacket from Motorcycle House

Good Gear Makes For a Good Motorcycle Ride – If you are like Janet and me, we have filled a closet with leather riding gear (i.e. Jackets and Chaps). It is good gear and has served us well… but there is one problem with all that leather. It’s big, bulky and takes up a lot of room on the bike. If you are wearing it there is no problem. We live in Texas which can be very, hot but when we ride north or to higher elevations the temperatures can be much cooler or even very cold and we need that gear. We need to be prepared for the cooler weather and carrying all that bulky leather gear with us limits what we are able to carry on the bike.

I was asked by to review their new Enforcer Motorcycle Touring Jacket by Vikingcycle. It sells for a great price of just $99.

Details – Enforcer Motorcycle 3 Quarter Touring Jacket

  • Touring style 3 quarter jacket
  • Lead Free Tri-Tex Fabric: High-performance, breathable and waterproof
  • Tape sealed waterproof seams
  • Removable zip-out quilted lining with full-sleeve liner
  • Velcro flaps for adjustable cuffs fit
  • Multi-pocket design: Lots of pockets the biggest pocket fits up to a 10 inch tablet
  • Glove pouch on lower back
  • Phone headset wire system
  • Phone access in under 3 seconds
  • Spine, shoulder & elbow armor protection
  • Reflective front, back, shoulder & arm panels enhance visibility at night or low visibility conditions.
  • Velcro adjustable waist belt
  • Adjustable snapped tabs on arms
  • Longer in the back to prevent the back from riding up when sitting or riding
  • Front zipper closure with snapped flap over zipper
  • Vents include: 2 zippered vents at top of shoulders and large back zippered vent across the shoulders blades
  • Lower-back zipper to attach motorcycle pants
  • Overlapping mandarin padded collar secured with Velcro for a snug fit for those cold days
  • Velcro lower tabs to adjust fit around your bottom
  • Full non-removable inter liner with lower mess venting
  • Two-level lining for various weather conditions

When I received the Enforcer jacket, I gave it a good going over. It has many nice features going for it. It is well made and the medium jacket fits me very well. The Enforcer is a 3 quarter touring style jacket made from Tri-Tex high-performance, breathable and waterproof fabric. The jacket seams are tape sealed for waterproofing. The overlapping mandarin padded collar and adjustable cuffs secure with Velcro for a snug fit for those cold days. I really like that the jacket is longer in the back. This extra length prevents the back from riding up when sitting or riding. The jacket has reflective front, back, shoulder & arm panels that enhance your visibility at night and in low visibility conditions. The armor protection in the spine, shoulder & elbow seem to be of good quality and comparable with armor in other jackets. I like the double layering of the jacket. This allows the zippered inter liner to be removed on warmer days. The jacket closes securely with a large front zipper and a snapped flap over the zipper. You can snug up the jacket at the waist and arms with the adjustable snapped tabs on the arms and a Velcro adjustable waist belt.

The Enforcer jacket has many useful pockets in places I would have never thought of. There is one pocket I really like.  It is a zippered pocket on the lower part of the left sleeve. Inside the pocket is a lanyard so you can attach keys (I think) but I have found another use for it. I have attached the remote of my GoPro to the lanyard. When I’m not using the remote I can stow it in the zippered pocket. When using the remote I don’t need to worry about dropping it.  If I do drop it, it will just dangle by the lanyard. In an emergency, I just release the remote to free my left hand and it will dangle. I have used the two large pockets on the lower front of the jacket the most. The right pocket has another lanyard for keys. There is a lot of room for things you need to keep handy.

Below is a video from detailing the features of the Enforcer Jacket that I may or may not have covered previously.

Back in October I was going on a 400 mile ride that I would have been riding in heavy rain. I thought it would be a good test for the Enforcer jacket. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Before I left the weather forecast changed to the possibility of flash flooding all along my route. I don’t mind riding in heavy rain. I’ve done it more times than I can remember, but I haven’t ridden in, nor do I want to try riding in, a river of rushing water.

A couple of weeks later I made that 400 mile ride. There was a possibility of some rain going and coming with temperatures ranging from the low 50’s to upper 60’s. Not that cold and not much rain, but the jacket did well on the ride. I did ride in some heavy rain for about 40 miles and I stayed warm and dry. I’m looking forward to taking it out again in colder/wetter weather. So stay tuned for an update…

Below is a short video from that ride.

If you are looking for a good riding jacket for a great price, I think you may want to give the Enforcer Touring Jacket  from a hard look.

Ride safe… I hope I see you down the road somewhere.

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