Day 7 Big Bend and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks Motorcycle Ride

Wednesday Sept. 23 San Angelo to Georgetown (199 miles)

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Map Day 7 San Angelo to Georgetown

Today is the last day of our Big Bend and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks motorcycle ride. Come follow along and enjoy the scenery and ride.

We were up early, walked across the street to Grandy’s for breakfast. Won’t eat breakfast there again… Was not good. Then we headed for Georgetown. It was over cast and looked like we could hit rain. We thought we would stop in Brady and walk around the square a bit but just before we got to Brady it started raining so we just stopped for gas and put on the rain suits. It rained on us (off and on) pretty much all the way to Georgetown. We got to Georgetown around noon and by that time were ready to get off the bikes.

Larry C., Jo, Larry T., & Shirley spent the next day resting before heading back to Alabama and Georgia. Janet showed the ladies around Georgetown and shopped and us guys got the motorcycles ready for their trip back home. We managed to go to a couple of the motorcycle dealers in Georgetown and look around. I think Larry Cooper and me have decided to get Goldwings. We will see…

Friday they headed back home. They managed to miss the rain until the last leg of their ride. They say we will have to come out there for the next motorcycle trip. Maybe we will do the Blue Ridge Parkway. I will have to start planning that one…

I must give Janet a lot of credit for putting this letter together. Janet has started a log of our travels so I used her log to help write a lot of the text. She also proofread and made many suggestions.

For those of you who are a “glutton for punishment”, you can see the entire picture set here.

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Have Goldwing Will Travel…  I hope we see you down the road somewhere. Ride safe.

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