Day 3 – Harrison, AR Motorcycle Ride: Holdenville – Okmulgee – Muskogee – Tahlequah – Harrison (263 miles)

Day 3 route

Harrison, AR Motorcycle Ride

We were up early (6:00)… For Alfred anything before noon is early but we don’t like arriving to our destination in the dark. So we were up early. McDonald’s was across the street so we ate breakfast there. It was fast and cheap and they have good coffee. We have to have good coffee. We were on the road around 8:00 with nothing but blue skies and sunshine all day. It was a great day to be riding.

Morning Shadows…

Our route today would be taking us through several of the former trail end of the “Trail of Tears” Remembrance Motorcycle Ride of years past. They are Okmulgee, Muskogee and Tahlequah. I don’t remember what years that was. They tend to run together.

Fort Gibson Barracks

Like I said before (Day 1 of our ride) we like old forts so we had to stop and tour one of the forts that played a prominent part in the resettlement of the tribes that traveled the “Trail of Tears”. Fort Gibson was active from 1824 to 1890. The tribes who traveled the “Trail of Tears” by water often disembarked at Fort Gibson. During the second half of the 1830’s and into the 1840’s, Creek, Cherokee and Seminole stopped here on the last leg of their journey to the new lands.

Fort Gibson Bakery


We arrived at the fort before lunch. It was another good example of an old frontier fort that has been partially restored with future restoration to be done soon. There were many buildings to tour. We enjoyed walking and exploring the grounds.

After touring the fort we rode back through the town of Fort Gibson and ate lunch at the Classic Kitchen Diner.  The food was very good and the desert was even better… The coconut cream pie was almost as good as Janet’s, her mom’s and Janet’s Aunt Imogene’s. They make the best…

Classic Kitchen Diner in town of Fort Gibson

From Fort Gibson we rode to Harrison enjoying the many curvy and scenic highways.

Larry C. at light in Springdale

We arrived at the Super 8 around 5:00… Our home for the next 4 days. After checking in and resting a bit, we walked next door to the Italian Restaurant. We walked because we had done enough riding for the day… The food and service was great, making for the perfect ending to a day of riding with good friends.

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Ride introduction…
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Day 2 – Bowie, TX to Wewoka, OK to Holden, OK  (193 miles)
Day 4 – Ride 1 out of Harrison, AR
Day 5 – Ride 2 out of Harrison, AR  (120 miles)
Day 6 – Ride 3 out of Harrison, AR  (207 Miles)
Day 7 – Harrison, AR to Jessieville, AR (149 miles)
Day 8, 9 & 10 – Jessieville, AR to Scroggins, TX to home

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