Day 1 Big Bend National Park Motorcycle Ride April 2007

259 miles – Georgetown, Fredericksburg, Ozona

Big Bend, Motorcycle, Ride, April, 2007

Ready to leave…


Big Bend, motorcycle, ride

Day 1 Route

This is day one of our Big Bend National Park motorcycle ride. Since our first ride to Big Bend we have been ready to get back and today is that day.

The trip consisted of 4 bikes 7 people going. Janet and me (Ivan), Larry and Jo Cooper, Larry and Shirley Talley and my brother Gary. The 1st day we rode from Georgetown to Ozona via Fredericksburg. Larry Cooper (my ol’ Air Force buddy from some 38 years ago) had a little trouble getting his bike started before we left. Fortunately he didn’t have any more problems starting it on the rest of the trip. All week the weather looked really good for Saturday but it ended up being really cold and windy. Needless to say it was not the best riding. We got a later start than planned due to the cold weather. We planned a stop at the Wild Seed farm outside of Fredericksburg but we just stayed long enough to have a cup of coffee, sample some of the dips, jellies, biscuits and warm up. The sun did manager to come out from time to time and that helped some. Normally our bikes get gas mileage somewhere in the 40’s but because of the strong head winds we were only getting gas mileage in the 30’s. We stopped in Fredericksburg to eat lunch (good German food) and checkout some of the shops. The sun was shinning so it seemed warmer when we weren’t in the wind. We got to Ozona around 6 or 6:30. After checking in at the motel we walked down the street to a small restaurant and ate. I have a cousin that lives in Ozona. We spent a good while visiting with him and he took us out to his ranch just outside of town. It was nice to see him. It seems that the only time we see each other is at funerals. I will try to get back out to see him more often.

Big Bend, Motorcycle, ride

Shucking gear in Fredericksburg

Big Bend, motorcycle, ride

Gary took lead to Ft Stockton

Links to the other days of our ride…

Day 2 – 257 miles – Ozona, Ft. Stockton, Alpine, Terlingua
Day 3 – 187 Miles – Terlingua, Santa Elena Canyon, Chisos Basin, Boquillas Canyon, Terlingua (all in Big Bend)
Day 4 – 182 miles – Terlingua, Presidio, Marfa, Alpine
Day 5 – 188 miles – Alpine, Ft Davis, loop 166, Ft Stockton
Day 6 – 165 miles – Ft Stockton, Big Lake, San Angelo
Day 7 – 195 Miles – San Angelo, Llano, Georgetown

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