How This Blog Came To Be

How This Blog Came To Be

This blog came to be quite by accident.

I have a friend who has made some bad life choices and is now serving a 40-year prison sentence. He has been there for 23 years. I had lost contact with him until 7 years ago. When I found out about where he was, I wrote a letter to him thinking I would help him get himself back on the right path. He entered prison with an 8th grade education but in prison has completed his doctorate and is now an ordained minister and ministers to his fellow inmates. Actually he has been more of an inspiration to me than me to him. Over the years we have written many letters. Some of them were about the many motorcycle trips we have taken. He has enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. They have been a great escape from his surroundings.

Afterward, I would email the trip stories to people who went on those trips with us and to other people who liked to hear about our motorcycling adventures. As a result several suggested I might do more to share these trips with more people. Years went by and I thought about how I might do just that. I had several false starts. My daughter Kristy has started a couple of blogs. I thought I might give blogging a try. I was ‘hooked’ on blogging, before I knew it. I have received many nice comments and suggestion which has encouraged me even more. So as long as I continue to enjoy blogging and y’all continue to read them we will see where this will take us.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our world with us. Please take some time to say hello and share your world with us. And finally, please share my blog with everyone who might be interested.

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